We have dump passes! They don't expire until December 5, 2020. If you haven't received yours yet, please contact:

Jodi Ackerman or Lorie Ellis for Spawn Circle and Horizon Heights area

Lisa Hohman for South Shore Drive area

Dave Phillips for Brant lake Hills and the Groves area

Lorie Ellis for any other area not listed above


We still have directories. If you haven't receive your directory, please let any of the board members know and we will provide it to you right away.


It isn't too late to become a member. The membership fee is $25. You will receive a directory and a dump pass. If this is of interest to you, please contact any of the board members.


Listed under the Lake County tab at the top in the blue bar, I added zoning Ordinance, Building Permit Requirements, New Construction for Lake Madison, Brant, Long, Round, and Fees for your information. Also, listed below are the questions along with the answers that were submitted to the Lake County Zoning contact that will be read at the annual meeting on Saturday.

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